Our Warranty Policy

AOG Reaction, Inc.

New materials and services performed by AOG Reaction are warranted to be free from defects. AOG Reaction’s liability shall be limited to replacing or repairing any part (that we repaired or replaced) which is proved to be defective in workmanship or new materials. AOG Reaction’s obligation under this warranty is limited to correction at it’s facility and does not apply to any defective product by reason of improper storage, installation, misuse, neglect, accident, or which has been altered or repaired by anyone other than AOG Reaction. In no event shall AOG Reaction be responsible for costs of removal, reinstallation, or other ancillary expenditures incurred.

Warranty Liability Periods Will Apply as Follows:

Repairs: units are warranted only with respect to parts replaced and repair procedures. Assemblies are warranted for six (6) months after shipment from AOG Reaction, or five hundred (500) hours after shipment from AOG Reaction, whichever occurs earliest.

Overhauls: units are warranted only with respect to parts which have been overhauled, inspected, repaired, reworked, reassembled, and tested in accordance with current manufacturer’s technical publications, and/or approved data or specifications. Such units are warranted for twelve (12) months after shipment from AOG Reaction, or one thousand (1000) hours, whichever occurs earliest.

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